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Why I Want A iPhone

November 21, 2014 Liam Green

If you haven’t seen my blog post on “Why I Hate Android” then go take a read now.

The main reason I want a iPhone again is because I’m a big Apple user. I’m in there eco system. I’ve got a mac mini and also use apples email service as my main email. Also I’ve got alot of money invested into Apple iTunes and the iOS App store and me not having a iPhone is just letting all that go to waste. Also another little reason is because I’m a fan of how the iOS apps works. They make sense and how it’s all connected via icloud. Another reason is i do miss I icloud. The notes app the emails the icloud back up. I’m just getting sick of Android it doesn’t work how I want it too. I think I need to make a video on the subject explain it better. So keep a eye on this post or my YouTube (click here) for a update on when I upload the video.

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