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This is the Lutz Pod, the UK’s First Driverless Car

February 12, 2015 Anthony Fulton

Ever went to hail a cab and have it drive right past you as if you weren’t there?


Well soon that will be a thing of the past with the Lutz Pod the very first Driverless Car in the UK.

Unveiled today in Greenwich, it’s been built and designed by Coventry’s RDM Group, as part of the Autodrive project.

40 of the vehicles, designed to help shoppers, the elderly and commuters travel short distances, will be tested in pedestrianised areas of Milton Keynes later this year.

The Pod is tiny and compact but will manage to fit 2 adults and some luggage, powered by a computer with roughly the same specs as 2 high end gaming PCs situated behind the 2 seats. Also included is 22 sensors (including panoramic cameras, radar and laser imaging) which allows the Lutz Pathfinder to understand the world around it and navigate it.

The car has a staggering range of 40 miles, Which by my standards is pretty far for a car that looks like i could pick it up and put it in my back pocket. It has enough juice to last roughly 8 hours of continuous travel with tops speeds of 15mph.

Whats more in the future if this takes off there will be a smartphone app that will allow you to hail the Pod with your phone, So no more shoving out your thumbs for that taxi driver to drive straight past.

Obviously seeing as times are changing with driverless cars not such a mad scientists idea, The people behind the laws of the roads will need to sit down and rethink some laws to accommodate such a small vehicle especially as it will have no driver. What if it does malfunction and crashes, Who is to blame?

Also if you would like to see the Pod in action enjoy this video.

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