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My Server

November 17, 2015 Liam Green

So I’ve decided to make a website server. I’ve compiled all the pictures and status that I’ve posted on Facebook into this blog post. Also here is the video


So since I’ve not been using my mac mini much. Decided I’m going to use it as a server. Because why not. So I thought. I’ll move it down stairs and because it’s going to be a server won’t need to access it all the time. So because my monitor has VGA and dvi I’ve hooked it up to the VGA so I can switch inputs if I need to access my mac mini. And when I don’t it’s used on my pc as usual

Got the server to work. it’s showing up websites. Once i get the money i can then use no-ip to use my domain(s) instead of there subdomain(s). Going to see if i can get MySQL to work now. Going to see if i can host the GreenieTV website now.

Update: It Works


Time to see if i can move my minecraft server too. See if i can host it from my server. means i can cancel it too.

Update: It works, if you go to you can access the minecraft server


Here you can see the server running. There is 3 entries for a reason.

1. Is to make sure it’s on as it’s the local ip
2. Is the external ip. To make sure it’s working.
3. And this is the url version so I know it’s working

So happy to have it all working.



Now to install Windows 7 in virtual box and see if I can get a sniper elite 3 server up and running


Sniper elite 3 server files downloading




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