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How Are You Finding OS X Yosemite?

October 30, 2014 Liam Green

Yosemite is taking some time getting used to it. It’s very different in every way possible. It’s actually working well on my Mac Mini late 2009. i’ve not even spent more than 2 hours with the operating system and i think it’s brilliant. I like the way OS X is going. Just waiting for all the App’s to get updated that’s the only thing wrong at the moment. But that’s a easy fix. How are you finding it?

So after a couple of days using Yosemite i can truly say it’s brilliant. It’s the best Mac OS X so far in my opinion. It runs so much better on my Late 2009 Mac Mini and i can actually do more on my Late 2009 Mac Mini before it goes a bit slow. Apart from that it’s brilliant. All the features that are included are brilliant. Good job Apple on this one.

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