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Brackets, Adobe’s New Open Source Text Editor

November 5, 2014 Liam Green

Right before i get started on this i want to say. I’ve only used the Application for 5 mins and i’ve already fallen in love with it. I’m a strong text wrangler user and well, sorry but this has taken text wrangler away from me. It’s so simple to use. The way it works is just amazing. Some pictures below..

Right so my experience so far has been “oh wow”. In text wrangler you can only edit what files you have opened in the application. But in Brackets you open up a folder and you can automatically edit files from there instead of having to go into the finder and manually selecting the files you want to open. For me this is brilliant because everything i have is foldered (Even my chrome bookmarks…). Right enough of me talking away. The only way i’m going to explain this program correctly is with a video. So enjoy the video below 🙂




Download Brackets from Adobe’s website now: click here

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