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March 9, 2016

My Business & I

In May of 2015 I started my adventure of running my own business. I opened a computer repair shop in Alston, Cumbria and since then many changed have happened and...


March 3, 2016

Stop Saying You’re Too Busy

I’ve been listening/reading to Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz and in the book there is a small paragraph that says about you do have enough time. Weather you’re...


February 25, 2016

Facebook’s Reactions Buttons….

You see that picture above… Yeah, that’s facebooks new reaction buttons. So instead of just having one button to be able to like or dislike the post you now get...


December 9, 2015

There Is 24 Hours In A Day

There is 24 hours in a day. You need to sleep for 8 of them that leaves 16 hours left, you work 12 hours of it and then you are...

internet browser

December 8, 2015

There Is A Story Behind A Certain Domain

There is a story behind a certain domain. The domain is and the story is this.   When i was 13 i ran my own web hosting and web...


November 26, 2015

It’s Not That I Don’t Want To Sleep

It’s not that I don’t want to sleep. It’s the fact that I can’t sleep. It’s the fact that I don’t like the sight of light. It’s the fact that...


November 17, 2015

My Server

So I’ve decided to make a website server. I’ve compiled all the pictures and status that I’ve posted on Facebook into this blog post. Also here is the video  ...


October 29, 2015

Greenie.TV Is Live And Running

So I’ve been working on my website for you my videos and well technology related tutorials etc. At first, I had it as a WordPress blog just like this website....


October 29, 2015

Country “A” is “Islamic” and country “B” is “western”.

No it should not, and here is my opinion. Oh by the way this is all my opinion. Doesn’t mean it’s right. Here is why I think now. Let’s pretend...


September 21, 2015

Technology has not made us selfish

Let me just say this. This is bullshit. Technology has not made us selfish. If anything technology has made the human race who we actually are. We are selfish. We...

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