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March 3, 2015

AI + Website Design…

AI, oh the beautiful thing that just makes it ‘happen’. Basically it reads your mind. and just does what you want and more. I’ll be honest the day and age...

Tech Ramblers

February 28, 2015

Tech Ramblers EP2 – Sony, Samsung, Microsoft and more…

In Tech Ramblers EP2 we will be talking about Sony Smart Eye Glass, Sony and there PS4, Samsung S6, Microsoft sense, Google wallet and way way more. What we talked...

Apple Event March 9th

February 26, 2015

But I’m In A Way Scared Of What Point Apple Will Reach

Looking forward to this event. But i’m in a way scared of what point Apple will reach. They are worth nearly a trillion dollars. That’s more than anyone of us...

Official twitter for wordpress

February 25, 2015

Official Twitter For WordPress Plugin Is Here

Twitter today announced that it’s releasing its first official Twitter plugin for WordPress that brings a bunch of Twitter functionality to your site easily. The new plugin brings a plethora...


February 25, 2015

Leave behind the crap and make a difference. Starting now!!!

Some day we will all be looking back at our life. Thinking of the things we did wrong or should of changed or should of made better. But the biggest...

Tech Ramblers

February 23, 2015

Tech Ramblers EP1 – Introduction

Welcome to the first ever episode of Tech Ramblers. Tech Ramblers is me and a friend talking about technology events that have interested us over the last week. We’re hoping...

2014-12-24 09.17.15

February 19, 2015

Fitbug Orb Review

Hello and welcome to my Fitbug orb review.  I’ve been using the Fitbug orb for a couple of months. May even be more. And I can honestly say for the...

The Greenie Show

February 19, 2015

TGS: Self Driving Cars (Yes or No)

In this video i talk about self driving cars and if i think they are a good idea and also. Will we need a license to drive one? Find out...

The Greenie Show

February 18, 2015

TGS: Samsung S6 Rumours (Specs, Design & More…)

In todays TGS i talk about the Samsung S6 and the rumours that are currently going around the interwebz. In this video i go over some of the specs we...

The Greenie Show

February 18, 2015

The Greenie Show (TGS) – Intro & Updates

Hello and welcome to the first video of The Greenie Show, TGS for short. In this video i’m just going over what TGS is all about the the future of...

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