My iMac G4 Pinboard

If you know me I have a lot of computer parts just lying around. The mess is starting to drive me crazy. So today I decided i’m going on a mission to take everything I have and see if i can make things from it. Just like i have with my iMac G4 display and […]


NETGEAR Powerline 200 Mini

Hello and welcome to another blogpost. (Videos below) I’ve been wanting a good internet connection in my room for a while now. I was thinking of getting a WiFi repeater but thought against that. To much of a hassle and can’t really do much with it. I wanted to be able to have ethernet ports in my […]


Why I Want A Google Chromebook

Yeah I understand that a lot of people don’t see the need for them. But for what I do I think it would be brilliant. Here are some key reasons: Really lightweight All my documents are stored in the cloud anyway Everything I do is virtual anyway. If I need to-do coding there is Chrome […]


Why I Want A iPhone

If you haven’t seen my blog post on “Why I Hate Android” then go take a read now. The main reason I want a iPhone again is because I’m a big Apple user. I’m in there eco system. I’ve got a mac mini and also use apples email service as my main email. Also I’ve […]

Android Wallpaper

Why I Hate Android

Before I start I don’t fully hate android (yet) I just dislike the way it works. I’ve been using the iPhone since the 3GS until the beginning of this year where i thought I’d go for something different and seen a really good deal on the Samsung S4 so thought why not give it a […]


Minecraft Game Review

I have been playing Minecraft for years. However, I only recently started to play it properly. I don’t think anyone has a bad thing to say about Minecraft. It’s a modern game that uses not so modern pixels. Minecraft is the type of game that you can play however you want. There’s a creative option […]


Transfer YouTube Channel to another Google Account

So if you are like me and you have loads of YouTube channels but you want them under 1 Google account because you are sick and tired of logging in and out all the time or you’re like me where you can’t transfer videos from one account to another yet so you’re wanting all your […]


My Apple Life (iLife) Story

Hello and another blog post it is. Today I’m going to be talking about my Apple life (or iLife, see what i did there haha). Anyway let’s get started. 2009 was the year of Apple for me. It was the year I got all my Apple products. I didn’t plan to get them all in […]

HackStore- Cydia For Mac

HackStore: Cydia For Mac

If you have ever jailbroke your iOS device you will know that, Cydia is mother of all App/Theme store for iOS Jailbreak. Now there is just that for the Mac (OS X). It’s another video post because it’s easier for me to get my words out via video than typing away. Basically all the HackStore […]

Setting Up Your Free Dropbox Website

Setting Up Your Free Dropbox Website

Hello everyone. In todays blog post and videos i show you how to set up your free dropbox website using Brace.io, from start to finish. The three videos below are the three videos in this series of videos. In these videos i cover creating your site using Brace and also how to change all the […]