People Don’t Change, They Adapt.

People don’t change they adapt. Change is where the grass is shorter or the flowers have colours or the seasons are different. People don’t change they adapt. Yes I understand that sometimes you have to believe that person will change or you will end up giving up on them. Change is like believing. If you […]


Background 1 [Free Wallpaper]

I’m still leaning with photoshop but as i go along i’m saving the files and releasingĀ them as maybe one of you out there may find it useful for your project   Download: Click HereĀ (Click download link and then right click/hold on the image and then save image to device)


It’s Time To Work A Little Harder [Free Wallpaper]

Hello everyone. This is my first post on here. And i thought i’d like to give something away for free. Just a quick intro about the website. It’s a place for me to post any of my projects that don’t fit under Greenie or MojoPanel. I’m new to actually using photoshop so making images etc […]